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New Things Can Be Uncomfortable- That is Normal and Okay

If you are trying to do something new or different and it feels really uncomfortable, that is okay and doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong.  Change is hard and can feel weird and unfamiliar. Change takes courage and requires us to keep going, along with discomfort.  

This is also true for our kids.  If they are having a hard time with something new, that doesn’t mean that stopping is necessarily the right answer. 

 To figure out whether to keep going or to change course, keep in mind the following: What is the purpose of why you are making this change? And what are the values, goals, or priorities that underlie the change you are trying to make? Thinking intentionally can help us determine whether or not we are on the path we want to be on, and whether the challenge of adaptation is worth the effort. And if you decide that your actions are pointing you in the direction of where you want to go, then try not to worry about how fast you are getting there.  

Progress can be slow and isn’t always completely linear.  Just keep taking one step at a time, rest when you need to, and try to keep moving forward towards where you want to be.

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