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Wild Flowers

Alone we can do so little;
together we can 
do so much.
-Helen Keller

Research-based guidance, support, and practical strategies for navigating the challenges of parenting 

Parenting is hard. I can help.

Does this sound familiar?

You love your kids tremendously, but alongside that there are also times where you feel:

  • Overwhelmed because your child is having a hard time and you don’t know what to do

  • Burnt-out trying to be a "good" parent while also juggling many other responsibilities

  • Worried about navigating relationships with your children as they get older and how to best support their growth

  • Frustrated because things at home constantly feel chaotic and stressful

Things don't have to stay this way.

I help moms, dads, and caregivers of babies through young adults to feel more comfortable navigating the challenges and experiences of parenthood. I aim to meet you wherever you are at and provide you with a confidential space to support you in whatever way you need.  This may include concrete tools and information, or it may involve a more open, unstructured place to process your experiences. Some of the ways I can help are:

  • Problem-solving and offering strategies for managing tough moments like tantrums or bedtime.

  • Exploring how you can set family rules or approach hard conversations in ways that are consistent with your values.

  • Helping you understand different phases of development, what you can expect at different periods in your child's growth, and how to help navigate the tricky stuff.

  • Giving you a welcoming, contained space to explore things like how parenthood impacts your personal identity, how aspects of your past influence your relationships with your children, and how our experience of parenting can be quite complicated and often includes feelings such as sadness, anxiety, or overwhelm.

My goal is to help you feel less stressed and more at-ease and empowered at home, in your family relationships, and with your life in general.

My name is Dr. Jackie Cahalan and I’m a psychologist and also a mom.

  • I understand first-hand how hard and messy the day to day struggles of raising kids can be, especially while also trying to manage all of life’s other demands. 

  • I know that we all make lots of mistakes, and that not every day is filled with joy, but that we also love our kids, we want what is best for them, and are doing the best we can. 

  • I embrace the fact that everyone’s family is unique, that there is no one “right” way to parent, and that different kids have different strengths and different needs. 

  • I believe that parenting is easier when you have a “village” to help you, which can come from family, friends, or the community. 

  • I want to help you have the support and tools you need to feel like your life is manageable.



Contact me to schedule a complimentary15 minute initial consultation so that we can talk about your concerns and whether my services can meet your needs.


I look forward to hearing from you!



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