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Individual psychotherapy for parents and caregivers to help you get "unstuck" 

Is parenting more complicated, overwhelming, or identity-changing than you imagined it would be?

We are often led to believe that parenting should come naturally for everyone.  We are told that every moment spent with our kids should be filled with joy and wonder and if it isn’t, that there is something wrong with us.  We are sent constant subtle messages that we should be willing to make every sacrifice for our children, no matter what the cost is to ourselves.


All of these messages are pervasive in our culture and they can all be extremely damaging.  But guess what?  They are also not true.  There are so many factors that play into who we are as parents, including our natural temperaments, the role models we had while growing up, how our personalities fit with the unique needs of our children, the specific stressors that are present in our lives, and the types of outside resources and supports (e.g., money, access to childcare, helpful family and friends) that we have access to.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, lost, or conflicted in your parenting or in your identity as a person and as a parent, you are not alone.  Come talk to me!  In parent therapy sessions, we will work together to explore issues such as: How you make space for both your individual-self and who you are as a parent; How past relationships can impact how you connect with your children; Or how experiences in your life contribute to your feelings about parenting and how you make decisions. By getting curious about yourself, you can develop insight and clarity that can help you better navigate life challenges, embrace your unique self, make deeper connections with family members, and find balance among the various priorities of your life.


Parent therapy has the potential to be a vital component of your self-care. Giving yourself this time and opportunity can make you more content in your role as a parent and can help you improve your parenting and your relationships with your children. Sessions are virtual and confidential, utilizing HIPAA-compliant video technology, and can be done individually or with a partner/co-parent.

Getting curious about yourself may be able to help with the following:
  • Clarifying your values and goals so that you know how establish priorities with your children and what to let go of

  • Identify triggers and hidden “ghosts” from your past that impact who you are and how you parent

  • Explore how your relationship style with your family and others relates to how you connect with your kids

  • Identify supports that you have in your life and how best to utilize them

  • Understand your comfort-level with various aspects of parenting and how that may contribute to your ability to set boundaries and enforce limits

  • Understanding the various strengths and resources that your family has access to so that you can find both a sustainable balance between work and family and also a manageable division of responsibilities among family members.

Sample thoughts and questions that parent therapy can address:
  • Parenting can be so consuming that I often feel lost. How do I make space for myself?

  • I didn't have great role models when I was a child.  How can I do better for my kids?

  • Sometimes when my kids are upset, I feel so overwhelmed. Why do I get so emotionally triggered and how can I stay in better control?

  • Am I making the right decisions for myself and my family regarding work/life balance?

  • I have a hard time saying "no" to my kids. Why don't I feel comfortable holding boundaries that I know are in their best interest.

  • Some days I feel like a complete failure as a parent.  How do I make sure I am not totally screwing this up?

  • I often feel unsupported in my parenting.  Why do I have such a hard time asking for help and how can I learn to better assert my needs?

Details:  Parent therapy sessions allow for exploration of individual factors that underlie who you are both as a person and as a parent

  • Complementary initial 15 minute consultation

  • Appointments are 45 minutes in length

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Sessions are conducted via confidential, HIPAA compliant technology

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