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Individual support to help you get "unstuck" 

Is parenthood more overwhelming, difficult, or identity-changing than you imagined it would be?

If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, lost, or conflicted, you don’t need to manage this alone.  In individual therapy sessions, my role is to create a space where you can show up exactly as you are and we will work together from there. I will meet you where you are at and alongside you, I will help you carefully explore, consider, and hold anything that you are struggling with. I have lots of experience supporting people in their difficult or complicated moments and helping them find what they need to move forward in their lives.  You get to decide what we talk about and you get to set the pace. Some things that tend to come up fairly often for parents are issues like: 

  • Sadness, frustration, and all the other feelings that may come from all of the ways that having kids changes your life and yourself

  • How elements of your past may be impacting who you are now, as well as your relationships with others

  • Grief and other complex experiences from a loss, trauma, or other unexpected or challenging life event

  • Clarifying your personal values, priorities, and goals, and exploring how to best integrate them into your life and family structure

  • Overwhelm and exhaustion from all of the demands and responsibilities that you may be managing in regards to your job, your kids, your time, and the rest of your life


By getting curious about yourself, you can develop insight and clarity that can help you better navigate life challenges, embrace your unique self, make deeper connections with others, and find balance among the various priorities of your life. Individual therapy has the potential to be a vital component of your self-care and wellness. Sessions are virtual and confidential, utilizing HIPAA-compliant video technology.

Details:  Individual therapy sessions allow for exploration of anything in your life that you might be struggling with as a person or as a parent

  • Complementary initial 15 minute consultation

  • Appointments are 45 minutes in length

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Sessions are conducted via confidential, HIPAA compliant technology

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