Wild Flowers



I am a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialized background in child and adolescent development, families, and mental health. My practice is consultation-based and utilizes a flexible, individualized, collaborative approach. My work is research-based and consists of a blend of practical strategies, education, and therapeutic support.

Education, Training, and Professional Work


My education and training experiences have all given me an appreciation for how individuals develop within the context of their relationships and their unique environments.  Some highlights of this include the following:

  • B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies from Cornell University

  • Research Assistant at Mount Hope Family Center, University of Rochester looking at how family relationships and early childhood education can help mitigate the negative impact of early trauma and poverty

  • Ph.D.  in School Psychology at New York University


The research and clinical experiences that I received during my doctoral education helped to inspire my interest in how parents, children and community organizations, such as schools, can best collaborate to promote growth and resilience. 

I was involved in research through the Child and Family Policy Center at NYU, on the following topics:

  • How children learn through play

  • Program assessment in early childhood education

  • Development of civic engagement in children and young adults

  • Dissertation Title: "Test Anxiety in Context: Primary Students' Experience of Test Anxiety in an Ecological Framework"


My clinical work has included activities such as assessment, therapy, parenting support, crisis intervention, program development, supervision and education with doctoral level trainees, and professional consultation in settings such as:

  • Public and private schools

  • Outpatient mental health clinics

  • Day treatment

  • Hospital-based acute care inpatient units

  • Emergency Rooms


Community-Based Experience


I currently reside in Nassau County, NY.  Recently, my work has been increasingly community-focused and has included the following:

  • Four years of service, including two years serving as co-president on the Governing Board of a play-based, cooperative preschool.  A priority of this school was to emphasize the importance of community and connection among families

  • Current Co-President of the Riverside School PTA

  • Mental Health School Reopening Subcommittee for the Rockville Centre School District

  • Current member of the Rockville Centre School District Mental Health Consortium 



My range of personal and professional experience has given me a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between child and adolescent development, mental health and wellness, family systems, and community supports. I apply this perspective in all of my work.