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Focused guidance targeting your questions and concerns on child and adolescent development, mental health, parenting, or family issues 

Are you worried about a situation with one of your children? 

Do things at home feel overly chaotic?

Are you struggling in knowing how to best meet your kids' needs?

If you feel like raising kids is hard these days, you are not alone!  The demands and expectations placed on parents (and also on children) can often feel overwhelming. While technology and tools like social media may give us additional sources of information and opportunities to connect with others, they can also present unrealistic portrayals of perfection and blissful exuberance that can make parents feel isolated or insecure, wondering "am I doing this wrong?" or "why doesn't my child do that?" The truth is that parenting is often messy and hard, and there is rarely one right way to do things.

My goal with through parent consultation and parent coaching services is to help you feel more supported, confident, and informed in your parenting.  By providing you with tools, knowledge, and guidance, you can gain insight and skills that will help to answer questions or manage problems that you or your child(ren) may be experiencing.  Building a stronger working knowledge of child development can also help you anticipate and support the various changes and challenges that your child(ren) may experience as they grow.  My aim is to make you feel more competent and content as you nurture your children so that they can develop into healthy, thriving, individuals. 

Whether you are interested in individual guidance or support, or are looking to work with a group of parents, I can help you strengthen your "village" so that parenting can be a more joyful, shared experience. 

Sample questions that I can help you with:
  • My child is suddenly having nightmares and won’t sleep in her own bed. Is this normal? When should I be more worried?

  • My preschooler is suddenly having a lot of temper tantrums.  What do I do?

  • My teenager is a junior in high school. They are never around and when I see them, we are always arguing and I'm worried. How do I support them in navigating the challenges of this year and developing the independence, resilience and life skills they need to be successful after they graduate?

  • My child recently received a psychoeducational evaluation but I’m not sure I understand or agree with the conclusions. Can someone explain this to me and tell me what to do next?

Details:  Sessions are available to support you with your specific concerns and struggles relating to child/adolescent development, mental health, parenting, or education. 

  • Complementary initial 15 minute consultation

  • Appointments are 45 minutes in length

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Consultations are conducted via confidential, HIPAA compliant technology

  • Consultation can be single or multiple sessions, depending on your specific needs

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