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Wild Flowers

Presentations and Discussion Groups

Does your school or organization serve a group of parents or professionals with concerns about child development or mental health and wellness?  I conduct presentations and discussion groups around topics such as: Tips to help parents connect and manage challenges with their kids, Understanding expectations for phases of development and when kids may need extra help, and Helping kids cope with adversity and develop resilience.


Sample titles include: "Supporting our Kids when Things get Tough: How to help our children negotiate challenges and process adversity"; "Is my Child Okay?: Understanding the links between child development, social context, and behavior"; and  "Parenting During Times of Uncertainty: Taking care of yourself and your children when times get hard."

Details:  Presentations are customized to meet the specific interests and needs of your group and can include topics pertaining to child/adolescent development, mental health, parenting, or education. 

  • Presentations and discussion groups may be in-person or online

  • Flexible Scheduling 

  • May be single or multiple sessions

  • Fee based on scope and duration

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