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Transitions are hard

Transitions can be hard and January is a month that we often think a lot about change. We create resolutions and we vow to better ourselves, and we do it at a time of year when it is dark and cold and when we have just engaged in a season of tremendous excess and indulgence. We often expect change to happen overnight and get frustrated when our initial glow and motivation wears off but we don’t yet see the results. That is okay. Change is a process and just because it isn’t yet visible doesn’t mean things are not shifting.

When you are going through a transition in life, whether it is the move into the new year we encounter every January, or a greater life change, give yourself the gift of patience and trust. Allow space for the uncertainty and discomfort that comes with doing things differently, but know that you are on your way to something new, even if you can’t clearly see it yet. Focus on your priorities and values and the aspects of change that are realistically within your control. And try to maintain some flexibility around what this change will look like. Things might not unfold in the manner or timeframe you anticipated, but it will bring you someplace new and meaningful. And don‘t forget that while January may seem long, spring will come.

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