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Parenting is not “One Size Fits All”

Parenting is not “one size fits all.”

Our needs and values are all unique and our family and parenting style should ultimately be a reflection of this.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • What is important to me as a parent?

  • What is important to my partner and/or children?

  • What are our individual needs/preferences for things like:

    • Social interaction (time alone vs. time with others)

    • Sensory stimulation (how sensitive are we each to sound, sights, touch, taste, smell)

    • What makes each of us feel loved and connected

    • What makes each of us feel safe

    • What makes each of us feel energized

    • What makes each of us feel overwhelmed

    • How do each of us best rest and restore

  • What values do I want my family to embody?

  • What are my goals for myself and for my children (both immediate and long-term)?

Being mindful of these things can help you make decisions that will work best for your family. It can also help you have more confidence in your choices when it seems like everyone else is doing things differently or you are feeling pressured to do things in a way that doesn’t feel like a good fit.

And don’t worry if it feels like you veer off path sometimes- you can always reverse course and make changes when things feel like they aren’t working. People and families evolve!

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