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Parenting Adolescents as they Separate from the Nest

This post is for the parents of adolescents who might be really missing their kids these days.  One normal, healthy component of adolescent development is separating from caregivers and becoming more independent.  This likely means that they spend less time with you.  As a parent, your role typically shifts from one that involves a lot of direct caretaking to one where you play more of a consultant role.  And with all of this, you might find that you really miss them.  This is normal. Even as it can be exciting to watch them grow into themselves, it is also okay to allow yourself space to grieve for ways that the relationship has changed.  This video has a few things you can consider in these situations.  But don’t worry, just because the relationship is in transition, it doesn’t mean the relationship is ending.  Parent-child relationships are important across the lifespan.

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