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Establishing Effective Routines

Routines! Routines can be so helpful in getting your household to run smoothly, especially during times like bedtime or trying to get out the door in the morning. This is especially true for young kids because it takes a while for them to develop a sense of time but they generally understand sequence at a younger age. Routines give kids a sense of consistency and mastery over their environment which can translate into a greater sense of autonomy and empowerment. For parents, routines can mean less chaos, fewer decisions to be made, and not as many power struggles, arguments, or negotiations. Talk about your routines and keep them manageable to the needs of your family. And don’t be surprised when your kids test the boundaries of a new routine (e.g., they will wonder if you really meant only one book at bedtime or can they get you to read them two) but if you stick with it, it doesn’t generally take too long for things to fall into place. Good luck! What is the favorite part of one of your routines?

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