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Transitions can he hard

Transitions are an in-between. They are a point of change. An inflection point where one moves from one thing to the next. 

Transitions may be relatively small, like shifting from one daily activity to the next, or something larger, like moving from one season of life onto something new. 

Transitions often involve the loss of the familiar into something less known. However, this is not necessarily bad. Transitions can also be a moment of opportunity. 

Transitions are often a grey area between two solid anchor points.  Holding the various components of this can be hard. Feelings of discomfort or dysregulation can be common. Try to recognize them and identify them for what they are. Use them as information regarding how you feel about a specific change.

Transitions can involve:

Excitement for change 

Adaptation to something new

Disruption of established routine

Grief and sadness for what is ending

Anxiety for what is to come

Transitions can also be disruptive to our social networks as they may bring changes to which people we are interacting with. You may need to find new ways to stay connected to people who are important to you. 

Transitions can be hard for everyone, but it is important to note that for kids, even seemingly small transitions or changes can feel like a very big deal. Respecting that, helping to identify it, and giving extra support through it as needed can go a long way.

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