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January Reflection and Resolution

January. The dark, cold, murky time of year where we exit the holiday pandemonium and enter a period often marked by reflection and resolutions. We focus on self-improvement and setting goals and organizing our lives. This year, as we dive into this phase, we need to remember to be exceptionally gentle with ourselves and our loved ones. Regardless of specific circumstances, the past year has been a hard one for everyone.

  • Congratulate yourself for doing the best you could.

  • Celebrate making it through, even if your current state of affairs isn’t anything you could have imagined.

  • Be compassionate with yourself for the moments where life got the better of you and you may not have been the best version of yourself.

  • Recognize ways that you have been stretched and how you have risen to unexpected challenges.

  • Be mindful of unanticipated ways that you have grown and lessons you have learned.

  • Reflect on new ways you may have learned to nurture yourself and those around you.

Words to hold close right now: Gentleness. Compassion. Nurturance. Forgiveness. Towards those we love, but most importantly towards ourselves.

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