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Don’t Panic if Your Kids Don’t Want to Share Every Detail About School!

Happy Friday Parents!  Just wanted to let you all know that it is perfectly normal for your child to not rush out of school and tell you every detail about their day.  After school they are often tired and also keeping some details about school to themselves is a way for them to establish some independence by holding it as their own.  Often kids are more apt to share in moments where they are relaxed and when school isn’t the main focus: in the car, at bedtime, when engaged with you in another activity. Remember that you know your kid and if anything is really wrong, a lot of times it will be evident in changes in mood or behavior.  Also, you can keep the door open for connection by validating things you are observing, such as “You are working so hard to get used to lots of new things. That’s not easy and I’m proud of you.” By staying open and patient, you will increase the chances of your children offering up nuggets of insight and information, often when you least expect it.

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