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Allowing Space for Contradictory Feelings

It is okay to look forward to the holidays but also be sad about all the things that are missing this year. It is okay to be anxious about the pandemic but also hopeful about the future. It is okay to be angry about all the sacrifices that this year has required while also being grateful for unanticipated silver linings. All of these feelings are valid. And finding ways to hold space for the myriad of things that you may be thinking and feeling allows you to honor all the aspects of your life. Life is multifaceted and as people, we are also multifaceted. There is no need to oversimplify it. Everything is valid. This can be a hard concept to hold on to because our brains often like to simplify. But if you can find ways to acknowledge it all, it can help you develop a greater appreciation for life’s nuances and complexities. Things are very rarely all black or white- most often there are many shades of gray (or whatever color you prefer). Try to find space for all of it.

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