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Parents: It’s okay to feel uncertain!

Parents: It is okay and normal to feel like sometimes you have no idea what you are doing.  Maybe your are in a moment of challenge or transition.  Maybe you are trying to parent differently than how you are raised.  Maybe your kids are very different from you, and knowing how to best meet their needs feels hard and overwhelming.  The important thing is to just keep showing up.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help, from other parents, or from your community.  Build your village.  If you are in an overwhelming situation with your child and need to step away for a minute to collect yourself, that is okay. (With little kids, you can put them someplace safe, like a crib) and take a moment or two to collect yourself). If you feel like you screwed something up, you can always come back and repair.  This maintains the connection with your child and shows them that you aren’t perfect and they don’t need to be either and that relationships can withstand mistakes.  Remember that whatever you are going through in this moment, things are always changing, especially with kids. Hang in there! 


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